If you need to add an existing user to an account or invite them to Blackbird, please do the following:

  • Visit https://cloud.blackbird.video
  • Log in using your account manager credentials
  • From the list of available accounts on the landing page
  • Click the cog icon on the right hand side of the page and select "Users" from the drop down menu. (Note: the same process can be followed for adding additional account managers by selecting "Managers")

  • Click "Add users to account"

  • Enter the Blackbird username of the user or their email address
  • Press the enter key on your keyboard
  • Select the users role from the drop down on the right hand side (Editor, Logger, Reviewer, Account Manager)

  • Press "Add user to account" to send the invitation. If any changes need to be done, you can discard changes to cancel adding this user to your account.

The user will receive an invite email if they are a new Blackbird user or will receive an email notification that they have been granted access to the specific account with the role that you have assigned them.

If you need any assistance please contact Blackbird support (support@blackbird.video)