Too deep
increase the max depth column and hit forget for those files
probably the file is just one track from an avid ingest that had several tracks. Blackbird will only accept it when all tracks are present
The file is part of a higher level directory - check that directory status
No match
The file was filtered out by the filter expressions on the watch folder. Maybe change them and hit forget on the files, or add a separate watchfolder for those kinds of files
The file was accepted onto the queue ok, and has since been removed from the queue. You can hit forget to re-add it again, though it might just drop into "dup" state in the queue if it was already ingested
Blackbird didn't understand the file format. It might just be a temporary read error which will be fixed by a forget and re-examine, but otherwise you will need to use a different file format, or ask Blackbird to add support
A file has been removed from the watchfolder
A file has just appeared and Blackbird is waiting for it to finish being copied in
Should not have changed/gone
Blackbird is a bit disapproving if files are added to a watch folder that it thought were complete, and they are then removed/changed under its feet while it still wanted them. Items may also show up as missing on the queue.