If you're Blackbird instance is running slowly, there are a few things we can try, the first thing to do it to restart your computer to make sure that Blackbird is cleared out of RAM.

Adding a video Download thread:

If Blackbird is still running slowly, and it is particularly slow when you are trying to load clips, we can add an additional video thread.

You can do this by first getting the Debug menu up by holding CTRL+Shift+D

From this menu, select the "Add video Download thread" option.

Still having the issue?

If you are still having the issue after trying the above, you may be having issues with the speed of your Internet connection. Go to http://www.speedtest.net/ and run a speed test. This will determine the speed of your Internet. If this test shows that the Internet speed is low, you should contact your network administrator and let them know that you are experiencing network speed issues. If another network is available to you (for example another WiFi network or a wired connection), try to connect to it and run the same speedtest. Stick to the network that is providing you with the best speed.

If you're still having trouble please contact us at support@blackbird.video and one of our Support staff will then contact you with suggestions on how to resolve this issue.