Blackbird Supports multiple transition types between clips on a sequence. This guide will focus on video and/or audio crossfades using mouse operation. Keyboard shortcuts are a way to make this easier to operate.

Video /audio crossfade between two clips

When your cursor is between two clips of a sequence, the crossfade icon will be activated (white). You can zoom in for improved navigational accuracy using the magnifying glass icon or mouse wheel/trackpad 

Adding a video crossfade is achieved by left clicking the crossfade button. The icon will turn orange and you will see a visual representaiton of the crossfade on the navigation waveform.

For audio crossfades, use the right click on your mouse/trackpad

Note, crossfade is only supported with video or audio clips on the same video tracks.

Trimming a video crossfade

Frame accurate trimming can be achieved by hovering over the start or end of the visual representaiton of the video crossfade, the mouse icon will change to a trim tool which can be dragged to move the start or end (and resulting duration) of the crossfade).

For audio, the crossfade trim operation is the same, but trimming will be on the audio tracks instead.