Blackbird Supports multiple video fades at the start or end of a clip. This guide will focus on video fade to or from either black or a color. Note that account level default fade color can be set by support. Keyboard shortcuts are a way to make this easier to operate including V fade for a duck via a specific color or black/account default.

Video fade to/from black (or default account color)

At the start or end of a clip, if you hover over the top left corner (to fade from black/account default to the clip) then you can drag to the right to set the duration of the fade.

The below screenshot shows a 4 frame fade from black.

For fade from a user selected color, content must be on the first video track - then follow the same operation to set the duration but use the right click on your mouse/trackpad instead of left click/drag. For a user selected color fade, the color picker can be used.

Note that whilst the color picker is shown, clicking into an active clip will allow for quick selection of a brand color if required (or something that matches the source clip style)