The default Blackbird behaviour for audio handling from source to output files is to perform a mix down based on the audible content within the editor.

In addition to this mode, there is also support for an enhanced configuration for split audio output.

On creating a publishing button, the enhanced option will be shown if available for your workflow.

Once set on a publish destination, there will then be an extra set of options available on the Source tab of the configuration. Note that the output is true split multi mono without pan data so assumes that downstream systems will be aware of track layouts.

Configuration options:

Number of audio tracks allowed - this refers to the maximum number of audio tracks available to be added to an edit sequence within the Blackbird editor, or if clipping directly from source media (including live streams) this is enforced maximum. This means if a user adds channels beyond those allowed, the publish job will be rejected for protection.

Destination for Track Ax (1 to 36) - this refers to the routing and track shuffling on this publish point and enabled additive mix as well as isolated sequence tracks to destination file audio channels.

Worked Example:

For an edit that may contain a large number of working audio tracks, but only the first 4 tracks required as a direct output mapping, enabling the maximum tracks to 36, then limiting only Track A1 to A4 to Channel 1 to 4, then discarding any tracks beyond 5 will enable this.

Publish Source configuration:

Mapping from editor for example above: