To add a publishing button, you need to be an account manager. Please follow the below instructions if you are an account manager and want to add this feature to your account. Please note that this option is added for the entire project and access to this feature can only be limited by the role of users (for example Loggers, Editors, Account Managers etc).

1. Go to the Blackbird login address: Click on your account name to get onto your account settings page: 

2. Click on your account name to get onto your account settings page: 

3. Go to the "Publishing" tab from the left:

4. Click the "New Publishing Button" option


5. From the drop down, select the type of publishing button you need. Please note that the "Publish to local folder" option will publish to a local folder on the Blackbird Edge server and not on the user's machine. If you need to save a copy on the local machine of the user, we suggest using the "Publish to cloud" option as this will give the user the ability to download the sequence they have exported.

6. Press "OK" when you have selected your publishing type. You will see a new publish option appear

7. From the "Settings" tab, make sure that the Status is set to Enabled and your image has been selected

8. From the "Format" tab, Select the video format that you want the export to be in. If you are unsure of what format is needed then please leave these settings as default as they can be changed later.

9. From the "Roles" tab, select the roles of the people who should be allowed to use this publishing feature (a tick means they will have access to this option).

10. Restart Blackbird and drag a sequence into the new Publishing button to test it out.