titles can be created on any of four

available title tracks and the larger

track number will always be the top

layer track covering the other lowered

numbered tracks the title track icon

looks like this and even though titles

will appear at the top of the video the

title tracks will appear below the

actual video track

if title tracks are not seen they could

be made visible through the visible

track bar click on the plus sign on the

timeline to enable the visible tracks

bar and click on the checkbox beside the

title track notice when you add one

title a second title track is added and

so on like most tracks the title tracks

can be renamed for easy identification

and the names are saved along with your

edits to add a title click on your

choice of title track and an i-beam

you'll appear from that point you can

type your title notice that the more you

type the longer the duration of the

title click return or enter to create

your title titles default to a single

standard font but more fonts can be

added to your account through Blackbird

support the font style defaults to white

tight on black background to edit the

style right click on the title track of

your choice and this will open a title

style palette associated with that

specific title here are the controls of

the palette the F represents the part of

the title object you will be editing and

it will either be the title face or the

Associated background a selection to the

title background shows a bolder red

outline the slider to the right

represents the transparency and

brightness value there are handy color

buckets that hold black white and

representations of your current and

background colors font choices are found

by clicking on the drop down menu and

the actual font types will be drawn

their font sizing is adjusted using the

size slider and basic font justification

positions can be adjusted using any of

nine defaults additionally I have

controls to adjust the type of

background style I desire and finally

the copy and paste style controls most

useful when pasting styles onto other

title tracks