adding unique notes in the files window

is a handy way to annotate folders clips

and edits your unique labels can be

added individually or on multiple

selected content

here's how to do it open your files

window and switch your view to the list

view for best visibility if you do not

see a notes column right click on the

darker gray area to expose it

specific column views can also be saved

as pre-defined layouts click and select

the blank area under the notes column

and enter your note and click return or

the enter key when done to enter the

same note to multiple content shift

select a range for which you want to

enter the note right click to expose the

contextual menu and select the notes

submenu a pop-up dialog entry window

will appear notice the window shows you

how many items have been selected enter

your note and click on the return or

enter key you have just entered notes

for all the selected content to modify

or delete notes in batch mode repeat the

multi-select process and modify or

delete your entry