This video describes the use of the Blackbird Control Center to schedule feeds to automatically start and stop based on preset dates and times. It's helpful to watch the tutorial video, start and stop feeds manually prior to watching this video, which will give you some helpful hints, as seen in the "About" menu of this YouTube video.

Only account managers, site managers, and Blackbird support can access the Control Center. Editor-level users will not have access to the Control Center. The Control Center is accessed through the gear icon after you log into Blackbird. You can either go directly to the Arrival section or start at the Configuration and navigate to Arrivals specifically.

You must follow these rules for SDI feeds controlled manually or through a schedule. If you are recording in the Control Center, the Edge Direct graphical user interface will be locked out as a control point, as noted by the bold "Stop External" warning. Do not touch the Edge GUI prior to or during recording in the Control Center, and this includes enabling the monitor buttons.

Once in Arrivals, select the service type you are using and use the down arrow to expose the ingest queue on your selected feed, which will be "Aisle." Select the "Create Schedule" button that has the calendar icon. The default start time is one hour after the current time, and the schedule will appear at the bottom of the list.

To modify the date, click on the date and time location under the Priority column. This will open a calendar to pick the start date. Once selected, an hourly selection becomes available. Pick your start hour, and this will be followed by a minute selector divisible by five-minute increments.

Next, you can pick the required duration for a maximum duration of six hours. If you wish to modify the event time, simply click on the appropriate column and modify your selection. To duplicate the event day with the same settings, click on the current events calendar icon to repeat the event the next day.

To delete a calendar event, click on the trash icon to remove the scheduled event.