blackbird's publish module

enables you to set up video audio and

data delivery

with numerous formats and destinations

including social platforms

your existing storage infrastructure and

public cloud services

blackbird introduces an interactive node


which will assist you with visualizing

your publishing flow

enabling multiple published processes

from a source

and creating multiple published


from a source or process here's how it


access your account's publish module in

the blackbird control center

through the gear cog or publishing

button you will see the publishing cards

that are created

choose a publish and double-click on it

a node graph

can be accessed even if the publishing


is not created these nodes can be


this has no bearing on the publishing

only the linked order matters

nodes are color coded and arranged in


for easy identification sources are red

formats are dark purple destinations

are orange and notifications are amber

notice how the flow is from left to


from source to format from format to


and an optional final node for


on nodes you will find outputs that are

always indicated with a green circle

and these can be connected to any number

of white

input circles when the types allow when

you click on any node

notice the configuration of the node is

indicated on the right hand side of the

control center

and the details will change depending on

the node that is clicked

at this point you can change the source

format or destination details as


once you're satisfied with the whole

graph click the save button

at the bottom of the screen to close the

node graph

simply click away from it the standard

of single source

to a single destination is designed as a

basic setup

in the next node graph tutorial i will


adding new nodes for formats


and notifications as well as more

complex publishing

that have multiple formats and

deliveries from a single

publish button