publish options have the ability to

deliver multiple formats of video audio

and data from your content in this


i'll set up a publishing point

delivering two formats to a single


and a single format to two destinations

using the technique of branching links

if you look at the same publish example

i used in the first tutorial

you'll notice i have the ability to add

more nodes to the flow

with a right click to add them depending

on which column you

click on the flow determines the type of

node that's added

from screen left to right you could add


formats destinations

and notifications let's begin by adding

a format

to create a branch from source to format

simply hover over the green

output until you see crosshairs and drag

the dotted line until the connection is


to the new added format as you can see

you could add any number of connected

links from a single source

clicking on each format allows you to

make adjustments

to the individual parameters if you wish

to disconnect a link

hover over the connection line and click

on the red

x next let's connect the output of each


to this cloud publish destination node

which was created on the original

publish card

notice when i connect the outputs of the

other formats there is always

automatically a spare extra input


storage delivery options such as public

and blackbird cloud

as well as ftp and local storage have


inputs while social platforms like

twitter youtube and brightcove

have single inputs which only accept

particular formats now i'll add another

destination node

in this case youtube and i'll branch off

the h.264 format

so it will deliver to both a cloud


and directly to youtube enabling a


and multi-destination delivery and of


save your new publish button for

everyone to use

in the next node graph tutorial i'll


multi-source types from a single source

delivering to multiple destination