the blackboard editors closed captioning

tools allow you to view and edit closed

captioning in either live or file-based

workflows this tutorial will focus on

live workflows of source clipping with

live closed caption content closed

captions can be extracted from feeds

such as HLS baseband HD SDI and others

for source side live clipping workflows

closed captions are presented in two

areas in the Blackbird editor they will

appear in the source log view as timed

data text and in the source feed view

closed captions will grow along with the

blackburg video as seen represented here

by blue text which matches the color of

all the source side functionality closed

captions are also seen as a video

overlay you can hide the video overlay

from the source feed by toggling on and

off the closed caption monitor to view

closed captions in the source log view

check that your closed captions column

is not hidden as this is where your

closed captions will appear if you don't

see the column in the view right-click

on any other column and then right-click

on the CC or closed caption column to

unhide it you can easily scroll through

the feed in the source side player and

closed caption time data follows along

you can also double click on a timecode

entry to jump to that closed caption

location within the video feed searches

within the feed are located at the top

of the log view and directly from the

files window which enables you to find

the desired closed caption metadata at

any time the Blackbird editor enables

you to easily modify and fix closed

caption text in the log view by clicking

on the text and modifying it in the

closed caption column this modification

will remain through to the final publish

for final publishing from this

make sure the tracks you're requiring

are enabled and drag and drop from the

monitor to the required publish as there

are numerous other methods to publish

video from the source including the

story mode see the other tutorials that

demonstrate this process publish points

can include embedded closed captions

into supported video formats and closed

captions sidecar files the next closed

caption tutorial in this series will

focus on closed caption content edit

oreal and positioning on the timeline