the Blackbird editors closed captioning

tools enable you to view and edit closed

captioning in either live or file-based

workflows this tutorial will focus on

live workflows of edit cite clipping and

editing with modifications of closed

caption content your standard editorial

tools from the source to edit will

include closed captions if the source

and edit patch are enabled if you desire

a closed caption list timeline disable

either the source or edit side closed

caption track selector prior to

performing your edit which is the same

editorial rule for all tracks phrase

caption editing from source to record

can be achieved by selecting or

searching for content in the closed

captions and dragging the caption

sentence or multiple captions into the

Edit window it's a clever way of

creating a highlights reel using the

actual text from the closed captions as

mentioned in the previous closed caption

tutorial any modifications from the

source text cascade as they are edited

to the timeline and into publish once a

clip is edited to the timeline denoted

by orange accents frame accurate editing

of video and audio is achieved through


interactive trim tools if closed

captions are present through editorial

they are presented on any or all of four

caption tracks as configured blackbird

is a non-destructive editor trimming out

closed captions that were once hidden

exposes them like any other track this

works on both outgoing and incoming

video extending unexposed closed

captions occur because this is the

source incoming closed captions and

they're presented on the edit timeline

which is a unique feature to the

Blackbird editor another way of seeing

this feature on the closed caption track

is by slipping the caption

in either direction when the closed

caption track is unlocked from the other

tracks use your shift key and drag left

or right for final publishing from the

timeline or saved edit drag and drop

from the monitor or from the edit as

required for the publish as there are

numerous other methods to publish video

see the other tutorials that demonstrate

this process publish points can include

embedded closed captions into supported

video formats or closed caption sidecar