the Blackbird editors closed captioning

tools enable you to view and edit closed

captioning in either live or file-based

workflows this tutorial will focus on

live workflows of edit side clipping and

editing with modification to closed

caption content once your video audio

and closed captioning is on the timeline

you may need to modify the time spelling

or grammar or a closed caption position

on the screen there are a number of

methods to achieve these functions to

modify content in a single block of

caption text or the entire closed

caption track double click on the closed

caption track you'll be presented with

two options to copy the closed captions

metadata into the sequence for editing

this will target the current caption

categorized as this metadata or all

captions categorized as all metadata

notice the blue closed captions turn to

black on white text ready for editing at

this point the closed captions

lose their connection to the source so

you can change the text trimming the

caption lengths will not expose the next

caption inline because it's no longer

connected to the source however this

does allow you to move a single or

multiple closed caption text blocks

independently in time by clicking or

shift clicking and dragging cut copy and

paste through the keyboard is also

available on the timeline if you wish to

modify where your closed caption appears

on the screen right-clicking on the

caption track will toggle the positions

between top middle and bottom of the

screen this feature can also be assigned

to keyboard shortcuts for final

publishing from the timeline or a saved

edit drag and drop from the monitor or

from the edit to the required publish

the next closed caption tutorial in this

series will focus on unique feature

of close captions and subtitles