this Edit process tutorial depicts many

of Blackbird Forte's features and

functions to create a final edit that

includes dual dve kiosks windows cutting

to full-screen playback audio color and

title adjustments transitional effects

and more let's begin this production

began with a journalist at a home

location doing a screen recording of her

B camera meanwhile she's interviewing

the subject being video recorded in

another location it's the a camera for

the B camera high-quality audio is being

recorded locally but the hidden

headpiece is connected to a cell phone

which has heard at the on location

broadcast facility this will be used

later to synchronize the audio after the

interview is complete the journalist

downloads both the a and B cameras to

her Mac and places them in a folder the

Blackbird edge software resides on the

same Mac and that folder is turned into

a watch folder the high bitrate source

video and audio is registered while the

Blackbird Edge concurrently starts

transcoding the interview using the

Blackbird codec only the proxy is

uploaded within seconds to the Blackbird

cloud at a distant location the editor

can get access to the content

immediately and start the Edit the first

step is to take the interviewers B

camera and place it on the v1 truck

since the journalists local record

system recorded two tracks of audio it's

okay to delete one of them this is done

by either using a track selector with

only track 2 enabled and delete that

audio track or simply right-clicking the

audio to track only and trimming it to

nothing once you end up with a single

track you'll need to pan the audio to

the center right click on the audio

track and then right click on the pan

icon drag the pan line so it locks to

the center position the

next step is to place the a camera on

video track to the most accurate way is

to use the Blackbird patch panel so v1

patches to v2 an audio one patches to

audio to line up the beginning of the

audio modulation on the source and

record edited over by dragging and

dropping or use the overwrite keyboard

function a simple way of testing that

your sync is accurate is to use the

toggle display Trax's multicam which

will toggle displays of each layer into

a quadrant the next step is to make

certain that the start and end of the

video starts and ends exactly where you

want it you can find the out point and

mark an in mark and then jump to the

current end of the video and place the

out mark use the delete or backspace key

to remove the excess there are other

ways of performing the same tasks

including using block Birds Interactive

trim tools

adjustments prior to the Edit ensure the

color remains through the rest of the

edit process

the next step is to create kiosk boxes

for the journalists and the guests so

they both appear on the screen at the

same time we'll use blackbirds pan and

zoom to scale down each video layer and

place them in the appropriate location

on the screen simply right-click on the

v2 track selector then right-click to

access the pan and zoom control window

once this is open you can scale down the

video to the appropriate size in a

number of different ways and position it

on the screen

I created and saved templates in advance

so that I can apply and reuse these

templates whenever I want the next step

is to build the Edit so the guest

appears full screen when they answer the

question this is easily achieved by

deleting only the dve kiosk effect when

they answer this is also easily seen on

the guests audio track additionally to

keep the Edit clean will remove the

journalists reaction the yeses and the

AHA's at the same time yes

so first disable all the tracks except

for the dve subtract of the guest and

the audio track of the journalist then

we'll simply mark an in and out around

the range we want to delete and press

the backspace or delete key

once this part of the Edit is completed

we'll need to apply a company watermark

or bug which was imported with an alpha

channel so it will composite over the

entire video here is the position bug

and I can easily trim it out in both

directions over the length of the entire

edit in order to fade all the tracks at

once I'll use an editor trick by putting

a black frame at the top layer which

will emulate fading individual tracks

now let's add a title which can appear

on any of four title tracks and adjust

it accordingly finally we'll place the

company animation that was imported from

the original QuickTime at the head of

the edit and now we're complete now it's

time to deliver the edit to social media

in this example we'll deliver it to the

journalists YouTube channel but of

course we can go to Facebook Twitter or

create any high bitrate media we want if

that's desired the journalist set the

blackboard link in their YouTube channel

and the publish button appears in the

Blackbird editor now it's a simple

matter of dragging and dropping to the

edit button and the journalist will fill

out the YouTube publish details at this

point Blackbird will use the EDD

software to conform and the horsepower

of the computer which can be located

anywhere on the planet to deliver a

high-quality version of the Edit to


the video you've just seen contains many

features and functions that are also

contained within individual tutorials we

invite you to check them out and learn

more about Blackburn