timeline markers are used to identify

and annotate moments in time on the

blackbird timeline they're colored

orange so they're easily seen at a


timeline markers can be added in two


use your keyboards letter M key to add a

marker when M is pressed a marker will

be added on the marker layer of the

timeline and a pop-up text entry box


where you can add your text comment

press ENTER to add the marker an overlay

of your comment will appear on the

screen alternatively double-clicking on

the marker track will produce a marker

there's also an option to hide and show

markers and to view the overlay comments

at the bottom or top of the edit side

viewer this option is found by

right-clicking on the marker track

selector if you wish to add a marker

without a text entry box this can be

achieved with a modifier key command or

program your own as a keyboard shortcut

if you start an edit and the marker

track is not visible enable it from the

visible track selector bar by clicking

the plus sign at the bottom left of the

timeline which opens the visible track

bar from this point click the check mark

next to the word marker to enable the

marker track to navigate to a marker on

the blackboard timeline use the current

position bar and click on the marker of

your choice for more precise navigation

you can jump to the previous or next

edits using a keyboard shortcut which

also includes the markers as navigation

points there's also a separate keyboard

shortcut if you want to include markers

only in your navigation to remove a

marker delete the text entry and the

marker will disappear since a marker is

a point in time on the timeline it may

inadvertently be removed using your

Blackbirds trim mode it will also be

moved if you slip a shot by shift

dragging a clip