to save just a portion of your edited

sequence for a template such as a DVD

kiosk color or title or any other

template follow these steps make certain

that the track or tracks that are

required in the template are selected in

the track selector and deselect tracks

that you do not want included this can

be and is often isolated in a sub truck

access through a right-click on the

track selector drag and drop from the

Edit monitor to the files window or

directly into a folder some people drag

and drop from the timeline in an upward

drag but there's a risk of shifting your

edit so the record monitor is just

easier notice the name of the edit is

followed by selected tracks you'll want

to give the template a more appropriate

name to what you're actually saving the

image will depict the thumbnail of the

edit at the position you're parked in

however it is a template from the

isolated tracks to reload the template

drag the edit into the target track such

as pan and zoom color or titles or any

other sub track