Continuing from the previous tutorial, in the Blackbird Editor, you can drag and drop entire folders onto the timeline or edit viewer for assembly. This provides an efficient way to work with multiple media assets grouped together. Here's how to assemble folders on the timeline or edit viewer:

Dragging Complete Folders

Similar to dragging single clips, you can drag and drop a complete folder onto the timeline or edit viewer for assembly.

Only media at the top layer of the folder will be included, and any subfolders within it will be ignored.

Adding Additional Folders

You can also add additional folders in the same manner, if needed.

Assembling Folders into a Source Viewer

Many creatives prefer this method as it allows you to view an entire day's content as a single source role for editing purposes.

From the source side to the edit side, you can assemble folders in date order, alphabetically, or auto-sync them for syncmap or multi-camera purposes.

Subfolders and Media Selection

Remember that only media at the top layer of a folder will be included in the assembly. Subfolders will be ignored.

In the next tutorial, editorial work from the source or edit viewer will be discussed. This will cover further editing techniques and workflows to enhance your editing experience in the Blackbird Editor.

By using folder assembly and other organizational features, you can efficiently manage and work with multiple media assets, streamlining your editing process in Blackbird.