In the Blackbird Editor, the edit side time code can be customized to adhere to standards set out by broadcasters or media organizations. By default, the time code starts at zero hour, but you can change it to suit your specific needs. Here's how you can modify the edit side time code:

Right-click on the time code

Right-click on the time code display on the edit side of the interface.

Select Start Time

From the context menu that appears, select the desired start time for your time code.

You can choose between options like 1 hour or 10 hours for NTSC time code.

Choose Drop Frame or Non-Drop Frame 

Additionally, you can choose between drop frame or non-drop frame time code. Drop frame time code is used in NTSC video formats to account for the discrepancy between video and time code frame rates.

Unique Start Time Code 

If you need a unique start time code for packaging, you can use special characters to represent bars, tone, slate, or other elements.

To do this, enter a hashtag (#) or pound sign at the beginning of the time code entry, followed by the time code number. The formatted time code will then be entered based on your custom settings.

By adjusting the edit side time code settings, you can ensure that your time code adheres to specific industry standards or requirements, making it easier to work with other media organizations and broadcasters.