In the Blackbird Editor, the default timeline window allows you to switch between different views to enable various functions and modes. You can use the view selection feature to easily switch between these different modes within the same window.

Here's how view selection works:

Left-Click Toggle

Left-clicking is used as a toggle button to switch between the last chosen view. This means that clicking on the left mouse button will switch between the views you have previously selected.

Right-Click Free-Floating View Selection Switcher

Right-clicking enables a free-floating view selection switcher. This switcher remains open, giving you direct access to different modes without having to toggle through them one by one.

The available views include the source, story log, and timeline views, which are highlighted with blue accents, as well as the edit side, story log, and timeline views, which are highlighted with orange accents.

Multiple Sources

You can have many sources open, and they will be available in a selection list, allowing you to switch between different sources easily.

Single Edit Side Function

However, there is only one edit side function available in the view selection. This means you can switch between different modes for the edit side, but there is only one edit side window.

To close the view selection window, simply click on the "X" button in the top right corner of the view selection switcher.

By using the view selection feature, you can quickly access different functions and modes within the Blackbird Editor, streamlining your editing workflow and making it more efficient.