In the Blackbird Edit timeline, you can select individual tracks or multiple tracks using different methods:

Selecting Individual Tracks

To select an individual track, simply left-click on the track you want to enable or disable. Left-clicking on a track will toggle its status, enabling or disabling it based on its current state.

Selecting Multiple Tracks

To select multiple tracks at once, you can use the shift-click select feature, which is much more convenient when dealing with a large number of video and audio tracks.

Press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and then left-click on the tracks you want to select. The selected tracks will be highlighted, indicating that they are enabled or active.

Using the shift-click select feature allows you to quickly and easily enable or disable multiple tracks in the Edit timeline. This can be particularly helpful when working with complex projects that involve a large number of video and audio tracks, such as projects with double system audio or sync map layers.

By mastering these track selection techniques, you can efficiently manage your timeline and work with multiple tracks in the Blackbird Editor, enhancing your editing experience and productivity.