In the Blackbird Editor, the Sync Display button on the timeline is used to show which tracks are synced together. Clicking this button will toggle the sync display view on or off. When the sync display is turned off, the white borders around clips will no longer show up. However, when you hover over a clip, the border will glow around it temporarily, indicating that it is part of a synced group. Moving your mouse away will make the border disappear again.

To use the Sync Display button

  • Click the Sync Display button on the timeline to turn off the sync display view. The white borders around synced clips will disappear.

  • Click the Sync Display button again to turn sync display back on. The white borders will reappear around synced clips.
  • The Sync button on the Record timeline is used to lock or unlock sync on video, audio, and other tracks. When clips with corresponding video and audio are dragged into the sequence, they will have a white border around them, indicating that they are synced and locked together.

To unlock sync between video and audio or other tracks

  • Click the Sync button to unlock sync between video and audio or right-click the Sync button to unlock each track individually.

  • Once unlocked, the clips will have individual white borders, and un-synced tracks can be moved independently.

To lock sync between tracks

  • Move the playback bar to a point where it intersects with all the tracks you want to lock sync with.

  • Click the Sync button to lock sync for all selected tracks at that point in the timeline. The media on these tracks will have sync locked and display with white borders.
  • Sync lock works across all tracks on the Blackbird timeline. However, if you unlock sync, move an audio track, and then lock sync again, your audio could be out of sync, even though it is sync locked. For this reason, it's recommended to never unlock sync between corresponding video and audio tracks.

Using the Sync Display button and the Sync button helps you manage and maintain synchronization between tracks in your Blackbird editing workflow.