Saving and Recalling Blackbird Layouts

Blackbird Layouts allow you to save and easily recall window and tool positions within the Blackbird Editor. This feature is beneficial when working on different tasks, as it automatically arranges windows based on your preset layouts.

To set up and save a window layout

  • Configure the window arrangement that you prefer.

  • Select the "Layouts" button on the Blackbird toolbar.

  • Choose "Save Layout as."

  • Provide a name for the layout that works for you.

  • Press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard to save the layout.

You can save as many layouts as you need, each tailored to different workflows.

To recall a specific layout

  • Click on the "Layouts" button on the toolbar.

  • Select the desired layout from your list of saved layouts.

Updating a layout setting

  • Move windows around to create the desired layout.

  • Overwrite the currently selected layout by saving it again with the same name.

  • Additionally, you can rename layouts or delete layouts that are no longer required.

The best part is that your layouts are tied to your user login, so they will be available when you run Blackbird on another computer. This means you can have a consistent working environment across different devices.

Using Blackbird Layouts helps streamline your editing process and optimizes your workspace to suit your specific needs.