In Blackbird, there are various types of assets available, some of which are automatically generated, while others are user-created. Here's a breakdown of the different asset types and their corresponding icons:

Rushes: Video and audio clips ingested through Blackbird are known as rushes. If the rush contains video, the icon attached to the rush looks like this: . However, if the rush is audio-only, the thumbnail will display an audio waveform instead.

Still Images: Images ingested into Blackbird, such as JPEGs or PNGs, will generate an icon that looks like this:

Edits: Once a rush is placed into the Blackbird timeline and saved, it becomes an edit. The icon attached to edits looks like this: 

Pinned Timecode Clips: User-created clips can include pinned timecode clips. These clips are generated by dragging from the source or edit viewers' timecode window to any location in the browser. When you reload this clip, it automatically parks at the timecode location you've selected.

Multicam Rushes: Rushes that are grouped together as multicam will display a multicam icon. When these clips are loaded, they will show the camera angles embedded in the rush.

Additional Metadata Files: Other metadata files, such as closed caption (CC) and Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) files, can be imported, and they will generate clips as well. The thumbnail will depict the file types accordingly.

These different asset types and their corresponding icons help you easily identify and work with your media files within the Blackbird editor, making the editing process more organized and efficient.

(Note: The icons mentioned above are represented by placeholders as image links, as the actual images are not provided in the text. The icons in your Blackbird editor may look different, but they should have similar visual representations to help you distinguish the asset types.)