In the Blackbird interface, you'll find various buttons that perform different functions. To identify what each button does, simply hover your mouse over the button, and after a few seconds, the button's name will be displayed as a tooltip.

However, sometimes knowing just the button's name may not be enough; you might also need to understand how to use the tool associated with the button. For this purpose, Blackbird has taken an extra step. If you keep your mouse in place after the button's name is displayed, a tooltip will appear, providing additional information on how to use the specific tool associated with that button.

Blackbird has extended this feature to almost every part of the interface. Whether you are working with play and record windows, media in your timeline, or various panels, you will find names and tooltips associated with them. Hovering over buttons is not the only way to access this information. You can also use the "expand tool" located at the top of the panels to view the names of the buttons in that section. Click the arrows to expand and hide these names as needed.

This comprehensive use of names and tooltips throughout the interface helps users understand the various tools and functionalities available, making the Blackbird software more user-friendly and intuitive.