In the Blackbird Editor, the Match Frame function allows you to quickly find a specified frame from a source clip that exists in the sequence. Here's how it works:

Double-Click on Time Code Display (Edit Side to Source Side)

To find the source clip from the sequence loaded in your Edit Monitor, double-click on the time code display on the Edit window. The time code display is denoted by orange accents. The corresponding source clip will load in the Source Monitor, denoted by blue accents.

Drag and Drop Time Code Window (Edit Side to Source Monitor)

Alternatively, you can perform the same function by dragging and dropping the time code window from the Edit side to the Source time code window or the Source Monitor. This action will load the corresponding source clip in the Source Monitor.

Keyboard Shortcut for Match Frame

Blackbird also provides a keyboard shortcut for the Match Frame function. When you move to a new location on the Edit side, you can simply use the keyboard shortcut for Match Frame to pop up a new Source window with a numeric tag. This allows you to quickly access the original source clip.

By using the Match Frame function, you can efficiently locate and access specific frames from your source clips that are used in the sequence, making it easier to review, reference, or make further edits based on the original footage.