In the Blackbird timeline, adding and adjusting transitional effects such as dissolves, wipes, and audio cross-fades is straightforward. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Adding a Video Dissolve

  2. Jump to a transition point in the timeline by hovering over the vertical transition line and clicking on the transition point or using a keyboard shortcut to navigate to the point.
  3. Left click on the transition button to add a video dissolve. The dissolve will be represented by a diagonal line on the timeline. By default, the transition length is 10 frames, and it is aligned to the center of the cut point.

  4. Adding an Audio Cross-Fade

  5. Find an audio transition point and right-click on it. Alternatively, you can use a keyboard shortcut to add the cross-fade.

  6. Trimming the Transitional Effects

  7. To adjust the length of the effect, hover over the incoming or outgoing transition point and drag the trim point of the effect. The trim length and shot length data will be represented in seconds and frames.

  8. If video and audio transitional effects are of the same length, they will trim together. To target specific tracks for trimming, right-click and trim only the targeted tracks, or use the track selector to focus on specific tracks.

  9. Adding a Wipe

  10. To add a wipe, a video dissolve must first exist. Right-click on the dissolve to see the wipe palette. Select any wipe pattern by double-clicking on it.

  11. Removing Transitional Effects

  12. To remove any transitional effect, park your cursor anywhere over the effect and click on the transition button. Use left-click to remove a video effect and right-click to remove a cross-fade. Alternatively, you can simply trim the effect away from the timeline.

By utilizing these techniques, you can easily enhance your video edits with smooth and professional-looking transitional effects.