To achieve the favored editing technique of starting or ending a shot at normal speed playback and applying a motion-affected clip in the middle, follow these steps on the Blackbird timeline:

  1. Find the frame in the shot where you want the normal speed playback to begin or end. In this example, let's choose a frame near the end.

  2. Add a cut point to this part of the shot. You can do this by using the edit point button, which can also be assigned to a keyboard shortcut for quicker access.

  3. If you only want to affect the video and not the audio, unlink the audio from the video. Click on the padlock symbol to unlink them. This will allow you to manipulate the video separately.

  4. Turn off the audio selectors on the sync track so that only the video gets affected.

  5. Click and hold the Shift key while using the trim tool to adjust the speed of the video. In this example, let's speed up the clip.

  6. As you apply the motion effect in the middle, the ending of the effect will match frame to the unaffected clip that plays at normal speed. This is possible due to the edit cut point set earlier.

  7. You can use the same technique to achieve the effect at the beginning of the edit by setting the cut point accordingly.

  8. By following these steps, you can easily create an edit where certain portions of the shot play at normal speed while applying motion effects in the middle. In the next tutorial, you will learn how to create a freeze frame effect.