To create a freeze frame in Blackbird, you can use either the source to edit method or directly edit on the timeline. Here's how to do it:

Source to Edit Freeze Frame

  • In the source viewer, locate the frame you want to freeze.

  • Set a one-frame duration by marking an in and out point around that frame.

  • Make sure to disable the audio tracks for the clip in the source viewer.

  • Edit the frame from the source viewer to the edit window. You can edit it into a blank space on the timeline or into a pre-existing video clip.

  • By doing this, you have just created a freeze frame at the desired frame.

Timeline Freeze Frame

  • On the timeline, park at the frame where you want to create the freeze frame.

  • Set a cut or edit point surrounding the frame using the edit point button.

  • Now, hold down the Shift key, which will invoke the motion effect mode.

  • Trim the single frame to the desired length while holding down the Shift key.

  • By doing this, you have just created a freeze frame directly on the timeline.

Using either of these methods, you can easily create a freeze frame in Blackbird. A freeze frame holds a single frame of video for the specified duration, creating a static image effect at that point in your edit.