To create slowed down or sped up motion directly in the Blackbird timeline, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Clip

  2. Start by selecting the clip in the timeline that you want to apply the motion effect to. This clip can be part of the sequence or located on its own layer or in a blank space on the timeline.

  3. Activate Trim Mode

  4. Hover over the transition point of the clip. You will see three trim icons - left, center, and right. To enable the motion effect trim mode, press and hold the Shift key while hovering over the transition point. This will toggle the trim mode to the motion effect trim mode, indicated by a trim symbol with an arrow.

  5. Apply Motion Effect

  6. Depending on where you want to apply the motion effect, you can trim the outgoing shot, the center edit point, or the incoming shot. In this example, we'll work with the outgoing shot. While holding the Shift key, drag the trim point to the desired length to create the motion effect. For instance, to slow down the clip, double its length to achieve a 50 percent slow motion effect.

  7. Interactive Dialog

  8. As you trim the clip to apply the motion effect, an interactive dialog called "Slow-Mo Fast Model" will appear. This dialog shows you the precise speed adjustments you are making and provides feedback on the length of the time-affected clip.

  9. Speed Up the Clip

  10. The same method can be used to speed up a clip. Simply trim the clip to a shorter length, and it will play back at an increased speed.

  11. Returning to Normal Speed

  12. If you want to return the clip to its original frame rate, you can watch the motion effect trim dialog to ensure you've trimmed it back to its normal length.

  13. Adjusting Audio

  14. Since the audio tracks were enabled during the trim, the sound speed was adjusted as well. If you find this undesirable, make sure to disable the audio tracks before trimming or delete them after the edit is made.

By using the motion effect trim mode directly on the Blackbird timeline, you can easily create smooth and dynamic slow-motion or fast-motion effects for your clips.