The Blackbird toolbar is a comprehensive tool that provides access to various files, folders, administrative functions, publishing locations, keyboard shortcuts, layouts, help, chat, and more. Here are some key points about the toolbar:

  1. Fixed Location: The toolbar is set to a fixed location on the left side of your screen. It remains visible and easily accessible while you work on the Blackbird platform.

  2. Expanding the Toolbar: New users are recommended to expand the toolbar by clicking the small arrow located at the top of the toolbar. This will reveal the names of the functions for easier identification.

  3. Accessing Functions: Each function in the toolbar is represented by an icon and text. To access a specific function, make sure to click on the icon rather than the text label.

  4. Publish Destinations: If your toolbar has more publish destinations (locations where you can publish your content) than can fit on the screen, a scroll bar will appear. This allows you to scroll through the list and access all available destinations.

The toolbar serves as a central hub for accessing various features and tools in Blackbird, making it convenient and efficient for users to navigate and perform their tasks.