The recovery button is located on the Blackbird toolbar

It’s a place to find and rescue edits in case of a computer or browser crash. It will even rescue edits if you unintentionally clear your edit viewer or shut down your browser without saving your edit.

To access autosaved edits click on the recovery button and the window will open.

Since the recovery window presents edits with a lot of metadata but its best to look at the name (which could be untitled), username and created and modified date and time

your first edit and continually autosaves about once a minute It even saves your entire history so you can undo/redo every single edit if you need to

The autosave process will stop if you either manually save your edit, or clear it from the edit window. Any new edits will then start a new autosave file.

.To use an autosaved file, drag it or double click it and it will load into an empty edit viewer

 and save it from that point by either using the save button on the top of the edit viewer or dragging and dropping a browser window or a folder of your choice

If your edit viewer is occupied the edit will load into the source viewer- you can drag and drop to a folder from this viewer as well.