To ensure a smooth experience when working with multi-camera media in the Blackbird Cloud, it's important to meet specific hardware and internet requirements. Blackbird recommends the following specifications for an optimal user experience:

  1. Monitor Resolution: Your computer should have a monitor with a minimum resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. For setups involving more than nine cameras or streams, it's advisable to use larger resolutions.

  2. Processor: Your computer should be equipped with at least an i7 processor that has four cores or more. This ensures that it can handle the demands of multi-camera production effectively.

  3. Internet Speed: To maintain a reliable connection, your internet download speed should consistently provide 5 megabits per stream. For instance, if you are running four cameras simultaneously, it's ideal to have a download speed of 20 megabits per second for optimal performance.

  4. Keyboard: For efficient camera and feed switching, it's recommended to use an extended keyboard with a number pad. If you don't have an extended keyboard, consider purchasing a USB number pad, which is similarly priced to a typical latte at your local coffee shop.

By meeting these specifications, you can ensure that your experience with multi-camera media production in the Blackbird Cloud is smooth and trouble-free.