Logging multicam content is similar to logging single camera except for a few details. 

In the logging view you will notice that you can see all cameras in sync context and an additional column is available labelled camera. 

If you logged using playback, or, still duration logging, you can select which camera or feed.

Here are the menu options

  • Left click on any log entry and left-click, select a camera from the dropdown list. After your selection, the contextual menu will close. The camera selected will default as the camera logged, but you can change that at any time.

  • If you right-click, and use right click to select, the contextual menu will remain open for easy multiple selections. If you select every camera individually, the all camera menu item will receive a checkmark. 

  • If you select a camera, plus the multi selection, the camera will be selected in a multicam string out

  • If you are not sure which camera you want, simply use the multicamera option which will use all camera in the string out

Here are the results of those sections 

The first clip with the single camera selected will produce a non-multicam clip based on the log entry.

The 2nd clip with more than one, or all cameras selected will produce a multicam clip with no cameras selected. You can select a camera while maintaining a multicam clips (I’ll show you this in our next tutorial)

The 3rd clip with the multicam group and a single camera selected will produce a multicam clip with the chosen camera activated

The 4th clip will produce a multicamera clip with no cameras selected. This is similar to the 2nd clip

In our next tutorials, I will discuss multicamera edit for string outs and interviews