Editing multi-camera clips is achieved on the Blackbird timeline. The method shown here can be done using keyboard shortcuts. The first step is to load the multicamera clip on to the timeline. By loading the clip, the name will propagate to the edit window, which can be easily renamed to suit your needs. 

The first step is to display the clip as a multicamera should appear, that is, with the sources representing the thumbnails and the chosen camera in the large monitor. Most likely you are not seeing this as a default because the keyboard shortcut that forces this view has not been selected. If you are using the default keyboard, select the shift back quote or tilde key and the view will change. Also, you can resize your monitor window using the diagonal arrows for a more optimized view. Feel free to save this as a layout. 

Once this view is selected, you can play on the edit side and watch all cameras playing together. 

To switch to a camera, simply use the numbers on the home row to select a camera

In our next tutorial, you’ll learn how to live switch to edit to different cameras or feeds, while control which tracks are affected.