Keeping your Log View open at all times, combined with other views, adds efficiency to your Blackbird experience. Doing this enables you to combine your Source Time Data View with other views, such as Source or Edit Story views, or Timeline views and the Edit Side Log View.

Follow these steps to enable this multi-view experience:

  1. Select a clip or edit you wish to use.

  2. Right-click and select "Log Entries." Your clip or edit will open in your Source Viewer, highlighted with blue accents, and your Log View will open.

  3. Use your preferred locking methods for log entries or simply view an existing log.

When multiple users are logging at the same time you can use the refresh button to see new entries from other users. The refresh button will only appear when there are updates to see.

Notice that your Timeline view remains open as well. Right-click to open the Timeline View Switcher, and left-click and drag to move it to a convenient place on the screen. Left-clicking on the various Source and Edit views enables you to switch to any other view while your Log remains open.