Blackbird Keyboard Shortcuts and Keyboard Expansions

To access the keyboard shortcuts and expansions in Blackbird, click on the shortcuts icon located on the Blackbird toolbar.

  • Left-click to access keyboard shortcuts directly.

  • Right-click to access expansions directly.

  • Switch to the alternate function pane within the shortcuts window if needed.

The columns are divided into Key type, focus, categories, and actions.

Keyboard shortcuts are presented as rows and columns, allowing you to sort and search for specific functionality. You can also use filters to hide or show unmatched items and other categories.

Note that there are presets available to match default keyboard mappings to other NLEs (Non-Linear Editors) for familiar functions.

If you want to add new functionality to an existing preset or entirely map a new keyboard, follow these steps:

  1. Find the function you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to.

  2. Under the Key column, click on the blank space.

  3. The "PRESS NEW KEY" text becomes active.

  4. Press the key you want to associate with the function, and you're done!

You can even use control, alt, and shift key combinations for more options.

If you change your mind and want to provide a new shortcut, simply click on the key function in the row and select a new key assignment.

To save the name of your new keyboard setting, click on the shortcut name and change it to a name that works for you.

Your keyboard shortcuts will travel with your login, so you won't need to create new shortcuts when accessing Blackbird on a different computer.