How to Un-map Keyboard Shortcuts in Blackbird

If you want to remove a specific keyboard shortcut key assignment that was previously mapped to a function, follow these steps:

Launch the keyboard shortcut window by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar.

Search or scroll to find the keyboard function that you want to unmap.

Click on the function you want to unmap, specifically under the FOCUS, CATEGORY, or ACTION column.

Press the DELETE or BACKSPACE button on your keyboard.

That's it! The specified keyboard function has now been unmapped.

Please note: If you attempt to unmap the function by pressing delete under the key column, you may encounter a message preventing you from doing so. In this case, you won't be able to unmap the keyboard mapping.

Note: Your keyboard action might disappear off-screen due to the sorting order of your columns. If this happens, you may need to search for it again or adjust your sort order to re-assign it.

Additionally, if you perform the function of unmapping from a keyboard preset that was originally created by Blackbird, your keyboard name could be changed to "untitled." However, this feature allows you to rename it to something that works better for you.