Creating Macros with Keyboard Shortcuts in Blackbird

The keyboard shortcuts window in Blackbird allows you to combine actions to create macros, providing an efficient way to add new functionality by combining existing actions.

For example, let's create a "Mark Clip in the timeline" function using Macros, which will automatically set an in and out mark around a clip that you are currently parked over.

To create a macro, follow these steps:

  • Double-click on the actions you wish to combine in the desired sequence. 

For our example:

  1. Double click on "Jump to previous edit point."

  2. Then double click on "Set in point."

  3. Followed by double-clicking on "Jump to next edit point."

  4. Finally, double click on "Set outpoint."

Now, these actions are combined in sequence with plus signs.

Select the space under the key column where the macro was created, and the text "PRESS NEW KEY" will appear.

Simply select a key, and it will be assigned to your newly created Macro.

You can even use control, alt, and shift key combinations to customize your macro further.

Your new macro will be added to your current keyboard shortcuts.

Remember, your keyboard shortcuts travel with your login, so you won't need to create new shortcuts when accessing Blackbird on a different computer.

Creating macros can significantly enhance your workflow and productivity, providing tailored automation for repetitive tasks or complex actions.