Left and Right Click Functionality in Blackbird Editor

The Blackbird Editor offers numerous features that utilize both left and right mouse and trackpad clicks. Right-click gestures enable extended or alternate functionality, and they are also available as keyboard modifiers.

Right-Click Gestures as Keyboard Modifiers
For Mac: Command (also commonly known as Apple click) or Alt click

For Windows: Alt click or Windows click

Left Click

Left click is used for predictable functions such as selecting, double-clicking, or dragging items.

Right Click

Right click acts as a standard modifier to access contextual menus in the Blackbird file browser window. 

The available menu items depend on where you click

Clicking on an empty space reveals basic folder menu items.

Clicking on an item, such as a folder, edit, or source clip, will present menu items relevant to those items.

There is also an option to select the folder menu even if an item is already selected.

Uses of Right Click Modifier

There are numerous uses for the right click modifier to provide extended or alternate functionality, but they cannot all be covered in this tutorial. Specific feature/function tutorials will discuss right-click options when available.

Left/Right Click Examples

  • Organizing Content: When you have a deep folder structure with folders within other folders, clicking on the toolbar files window with the left mouse button will open a window at the top level. However, using right or modified click will open the files window to the last folder location you were using, even if it was buried deep within other folders.

  • Leaving Gaps in Timeline: Left-click on the Gaps button to create gaps in your timeline. To close the gaps, right-click on the same button.

  • Marking on Source or Timeline: Left-click the arrow to mark on the source or timeline. Jumping to the mark is achieved by right-clicking the same arrow.

  • Zooming into Timeline: Zooming in and out on the timeline over the navigation bar uses multiple left-clicks to zoom in and right-clicks to zoom out.

  • Explore and Learn: There are many other left and right-click options to explore, and the help menus will also provide information on how left and right-click are applicable in various scenarios.