Keyboard expansions are a valuable tool for accelerating your logging process. To find keyboard expansions, left-click the shortcuts button on the left-hand panel. These expansions can program function keys F1 through F12 to type text and create abbreviations that automatically expand to words. By utilizing keyboard expansions, you can significantly reduce typing while logging and ensure accurate spelling, which aids in searching later.

Here's how to use keyboard expansions:

  • Click in the "Short" column and then press F1.
  • Type "R" after pressing F1, and you'll see the logging entry reads "BMX and rider." The expansion is triggered by typing a non-alphanumeric character after the abbreviation.
  • For example, you can type "rifle" without triggering an expansion, but if you type "r" and then the spacebar, it expands to "Rider."
  • If you wish to revert to the original abbreviation, simply press the backspace key.

You can save different keyboard expansions for use in various projects. At the top of the keyboard expansions window, you'll notice a name, and beside it, there is a menu icon. Click this icon to explore other keyboard expansions available for your account. Select the one that suits your project's needs.

By using keyboard expansions, you can streamline your logging process, enhance efficiency, and ensure consistent and accurate data entry.