There are a number of ways to save your sequence in Blackbird. 

The save and save as buttons are located at the top of the Source (Record) window.

"Save" and "Save As"

Save Button 

   Pressing the save button will save over the existing version of your sequence. If this is the first time the sequence is being saved this will prompt the Save As function.

Save As Button

    Pressing the Save as button will prompt you with a Save As window and ask you to choose a location and name for your new sequence.

The "Save As" Window

Drag and Drop Save As

   Drag and drop a sequence from the sequence window into any file window to name and save it.

Drag and Drop Save

  If you drag a sequence from the sequence window into the folder where it has previously been saved and do not rename it it will save over the existing version of the file. 

Saving a "locked" sequence

   If you try to save a "locked" sequence it will create a new file with the same name in the same location as the locked file.

Setting Save and Save As Keyboard Shortcuts.

   Both the save and Save As buttons can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts in the shortcuts menu.

Recovering a previous version

   To recover an auto-save version of a sequence use the recovery feature, or Right Click the sequence file in the File window and select "previous version" to see the previous save files of that sequence.