blackbird has layouts which are

snapshots for window positions and for

editing video and audio track

configurations for multi-track editing

this is an essential feature everything

in this video is saved in layouts for

advanced timeline editing we recommend

screen resolutions of 1080p or higher

for better screen real estate your track

count can be saved as a layout and it

includes exposure of subtracts this can

be invoked by right-clicking on the

target track and then right-clicking on

the target function this will become

very important when you want to control

the features of the subtracts including

video scaling

image processing

and volume and pan characteristics to

name a few subtract details are made

available by revealing it through the

subtract panel arrow this is also

available in the visible track selector

renaming these tracks can also be

achieved by typing a new name on the

associated tracks on the timeline or in

the visible track selector the naming is

saved with your edit and this can be

saved as a template if you lock the

original edit