adjusting your audio clips volume and

pan is handled on the blackbird timeline

audio volume levels are represented with

a sloped volume icon

audio panning is represented with a

left-right stereo icon in this example

let's adjust the overall volume for a

few clips

to set this up simply right click on the

target track and then right click on the

associated adjustment subtract this

exposes the volume adjustment window

click on the volume bar and raise it to

increase the volume and lower it to

decrease the volume notice that you can

play the audio while making the volume

adjustments in real time

as well notice as you adjust the volume

the luminance value of the audio track

becomes lighter or darker depending on

whether you're increasing or decreasing

it or if there is clipping or over

modulation it shows red the second clip

on tracks three and four is stereo audio

the clips volume is locked together this

is illustrated by hovering over the clip

and the track readout illustrates that

therefore adjustments of the volume are

applied to both tracks if needed this

can be unlocked the audio volume and

panning are actually created as

independent effects on the audio track

therefore they can be trimmed

independently and saved as volume or

panning templates this will be

illustrated in my next tutorial spanning

volume across an entire sequence