voice-overs can be recorded directly in

the Blackbird editor using the record

audio button it's located on the edit

timeline for quality a directional

microphone combined with an analogue to

digital converter with a USB connection

directly into your computer to start

recording click on the record audio

button and your recording will start

notice the vu meter will open so you can

monitor your levels and have visual

confidence that your audio is arriving

in blackbird when recording you will see

an audio track being recorded directly

on the timeline in real time while

picture plays back if an edit is loaded

in the monitor you can also record on an

empty timeline if you're recording

against a picture at it it's important

to mute other tracks during playback so

those audio tracks don't leak into your

recording if you're not using headphones

or earbuds which is also recommended

right-click on any audio monitor to mute

all the other tracks and then left-click

on the final monitor to mute the

remainder recordings will record on any

track without audio content already on

it you can also pick a target track to

record on to right-click on the

microphone icon and right-click on the

target track then left-click to start

recording or to find a keyboard shortcut

to start recording the audio there is

also an indicator that audio is

recording and uploading to the cloud in

real time to stop your recording click

on the microphone or press any key on

the keyboard notice that every time you

start and stop recording audio a new

clip is added to the timeline it's also

important to note that your audio will

adopt the frame rate of the current

sequence in the Edit monitor if the Edit

monitor is blank the frame rate will

default the last sequence that was

loaded this is only relevant to those

working on projects with

from frame rates each clip is created

with a sequential number in a folder

called audio recordings this is really

convenient if you'd prefer to record

your voice as wild lines and edit them

after the recording session is complete

if you wish to rename your audio clips

please watch the tutorial on renaming